Presentation of CLS

logo CLSCLS is a major player in downstream services in the fields of environmental monitoring, maritime security, Oil & Gas, sustainable management of marine resources.

Its core activities are the commercial operation of satellite systems for positioning, data collection, ocean observation and surveillance and the development of added-value applications and services based on satellite remote-sensing data.

The Space Oceanography Division of CLS, based in Toulouse, has been working for more than 20 years in altimetry expertise support for CNES, ESA, EUMETSAT, NASA, NOAA missions.

The activities encompass the definition and development of ground processing prototypes and operational processors, validation (Cal/Val) of the different missions and development of multi mission products, modeling and data assimilation, distribution, User Interface, Outreach and training activities as well as definition, development, marketing, commercialization and operations of downstream services.

In MCGS, CLS Space Oceanography Division will be involved on the Ocean Topography platform, using Sentinel-3 data. For this, CLS is responsible for the definition, development, validation, and operation, the demonstrations to be performed on the associated market segments (Offshore Wind and waves energy, Maritime security, Offshore Oil & Gas) and for the users training regarding those services

MCGS will be a key element to complement core service providing products tailored to user needs and provide competitive alternative to in situ-based services.