Presentation of SHOM

logo SHOMThe Service Hydrographique et Océanographique de la Marine (SHOM) has mission to describe the marine physical environment with its link with atmosphere, depths of the seas, coastal zones, and to forecast its evolution. This covers three main activities:

1. SHOM is the national hydrographic service appointed to collect and check all the information necessary or merely useful to ensure the safety of maritime navigation;

2. SHOM is responsible for providing hydrographic, oceanographic and meteorological support for military operations;

3. Techniques and skills developed are also made available to support maritime public policies and meet the various requirements of other ministries and public entities. 


Within the MCGS project, SHOM contributes to test and validation of the Ocean Colour platform by ensuring, notably, sea data collection with an hydro-oceanographic ship. A database of marine biophysical parameters will be built to that purpose. Eventually, SHOM contributes to definition of the REA services (Rapid Environmental Assessment) and integrated products.