Products and services

MCGS is preparing marine services of the future GMES Sentinel missions. Products and services will be presented during the project lifetime when ready.

In the meantime, have a look at existing remote-sensing services based on past and current space missions:

  • Operational monitoring of marine water quality: MarCoast GMES services

marcoastNear real-time surveillance of water quality parameters and algae blooms

Water quality indicators on eutrophication to support the implementation of conventions, like HELCOM, BARCOM & Black Seas commissions, PAM, ...

Read the MarCoast brochure





  • Detecting icebergs for safer navigation:

icebergCLS provides the service today using a combination of space techniques for the detection of icebergs. 

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  • Operational oceanography and forecasting services:

avisoRead more about altimetry applications on the Aviso portal






  • Wind, waves and currents services:


SAR wind products

SAR waves products

SAR current products

Read more about the Soprano services